EAS Safety Promise

At Environmental Air Systems, LLC, the occupational health and safety of employees is our prime concern and important objective. We are conscious of our responsibility to create; maintain and ensure safe work practices, reduce health and safety hazards through an application of technology and safe work practices for sustainable development.

We are committed to:

  • Preventing industrial risk, and its adverse impact on the employee, rather than detect and rectify
  • Following safe work practices and continually improve the effectiveness of the system
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing OH&S risks
  • Conserving natural resources through responsible and efficient use in all our Operations
  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements as well as taking any additional measures considered necessary
  • Implementing and propagating the OH&S policy through proper communication, active involvement and participation of employees and persons working for and on behalf of our Organization
  • Preserving the health and safety of the site and its neighborhood
  • Transporting our products safely